Response #11 Cockroaches

Gross, good one.

A Prayer for Dark Nights

There are many tangible and intangible things in my life that frighten me and make me anxious. When I lie in bed at night thoughts and feelings about these things arise in me and plague me. In the dark night and the dark times of my life I am afraid my courage and my faith might falter. Send your Holy Spirit to be with me. Come out at night. Skitter across the floor, surround me, tell me not to be afraid, tell me you are with me to the end of the age in… in the those dark moments, those nooks and crannies of my dark nights, like your creepy little creatures the cockroaches.



Challenge #11 Cockroaches

Challenger: Ben

412px-Cockroach_August_2012-2We all knew it would come up eventually.  New York City’s most common pet, the inspiration for countless spontaneous tap-dances, frequent “borrowers” of my  hardback copy of A Game of Thrones, and your next challenge:  Cockroaches.